I love decorating my porch and especially around my front door. I wanted something that I can keep up all year long. I like to keep a basic greenery around my door and I knew I wanted to make something with twine. I decided a star with twine would be a great item for all year long. This is a very easy DIY and does not require a lot of supplies.

The supplies you will need are:

1. Wire hangers (you will need 3 for one star)

2. Twine

3. Wire cutters

4. Scissors

5. Spray paint (this is optional)

The first thing I did was spray paint my hangers. I want my hangers to match the shade of my twine. This is an optional step.

Once my hangers are dry I then begin to form my star.

Place the first hanger down like this. You will then place the second hanger.

You should have the two points overlapping at top.

I then placed the third hanger like this on top of the previous two.

I am going to cut the hook of the third hanger off right where my finger is pointing to.

Once I cut the hook I will secure the ends together with a piece of twine.

I then took some twine and secured a few of the areas where the hangers overlapped.

Once your star is formed and secured together it is time to wrap your twine.

You will want to tie a knot for your starting point.

You will then just start wrapping in all directions. Make sure to keep cross crossing in all directions.

You will wrap your star according to how much twine you want wrapped around it. My stars are not completely covered.

You can see thru my star here and there. When you get done you will need to take your end piece and tie a knot.

I took the end and brought it up through the wire and knotted it.

I hope you all give this a try. It is a very easy DIY and they look amazing around my front door.