Ok everyone seems to always love a fun Christmas advent calendar which got me thinking. It would be fun and very easy to create a fourteen day Valentine advent calendar. I think this would be so much fun to make for a child but also fun for any adult.

The supplies that I’ll be using to make mine are:

1. One heart shape tinsel wreath from Walmart.

2. Hot glue

3. Paper baking snack cups ( mine are from Home Goods)

4. Tissue paper

5. Rubber bands

6. Elmer’s glue

7. Red glitter

The wreath that I’m using is a 16 inch wreath.

The first step is to glue 14 baking cups to the wreath. I added hot glue to the bottom of the cup and added one to the top center and one to the bottom center of the wreath first.

Once I had the first two cups glued in place I then added six more cups in between them.

Once you have all 14 cups glued onto the wreath you’ll want to fill the cups with some goodies.

I’m adding some fun pieces of jewelry to my cups. You can add any type of items that you want to the cups.

Once you have the cups all filled you’ll want to add the tissue paper over the top of the cups. I cut my tissue paper into squares. You want to be sure that your tissue paper will fit over the top of the cup and come slightly over the side of the cup.

You’ll add a separate piece of tissue paper over each cup and then add a rubber band as shown in photo above.

Once you have all 14 cups covered with the tissue paper you’ll then create the numbers onto each cup.

I wrote all 14 numbers with the Elmer’s glue and then sprinkled on the red glitter.

Be sure to cover all of the Elmer’s glue with the glitter.

You’ll knock off the excess glitter and let it dry.

This was so easy to make and makes a fun gift for anyone.