I’m trying to figure out how I want to decorate for Fall this year and I know that I want to add a few gold items to my decor. My mantel is always the first thing that I decorate for each holiday or season. I think I have a very easy way to create a wooden beaded pumpkin.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One 10 inch wooden bead wreath from Hobby Lobby

2. Thirty two wooden beads that are 20mm

3. Wired jute cord from the Dollar Tree

4. Hot glue

5. One piece of cardboard at least a 12” x 12”

6. Metallic gold leaf spray paint by Krylon

7. Scissors

8. Scotch tape

9. Scrap piece of lace

10. Wire cutters

11. Spanish moss

12. Antique Gold Rub’n Buff ( optional )

The first step is to add a small piece of scotch tape to the end of the jute cord.

The next step is to slide on the 32 wooden beads.

Once all 32 wooden beads are on the jute cord you will then separate them into 3 sections. A group of 12 beads and 2 groups of 10 beads.

Once I had the beads in place I then spray painted the beads, the beaded wreath and the cardboard with the Metallic gold leaf spray paint.

You will want to push down on the center of the wreath form to create a pumpkin shape. Once you have the shape of your pumpkin you will then trace it onto the cardboard.

Cut your pumpkin shape out of the cardboard.

Make sure that the cardboard cut out is not bigger then the pumpkin.

I added a small amount of hot glue around the edge of the cardboard cut out and then placed the piece of lace on top.

You will want to trim the excess lace off.

The next step is to add the wooden bead strands to the pumpkin. The strand of 12 beads will go down the center.

You will wrap the jute cord around the pumpkin form. I added a small amount of hot glue to help hold them in place.

I added the other 2 strands of 10 beads 4 beads over from the center strand.

After I had my pumpkin form done I realized we needed a stem. You can cut the stem out of cardboard when tracing the pumpkin. I just cut out a stem and glued it to the back side of the cardboard.

You will want to add hot glue around the edge of the lace and then place the beaded pumpkin on top.

Once you have the pumpkin formed you will add the wired jute cord around the stem. I added a little hot glue to help hold it in place.

Once the jute was around the stem I added some moss to the top. You can add some of the antique gold Rub’n Buff to any places that you might feel need it. This pumpkin can be created any color that you want. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.