I love creating fun and unique items for my home but I also love unique fashion items. We have created a few fun and unique jewelry pieces here at The Shabby Tree. I bought a few wooden craft sticks from Walmart and I think we can turn them into a fun and unique bracelet.

You will need to boil these craft sticks. I boiled mine for 20 minutes and then I let them sit in the hot water for an extra 30 minutes.

You will need to shape these craft sticks to fit your wrist. I placed a few down into a glass.

I really wanted the craft sticks to be more narrow and curve at the ends. After trying a few things I found that a wooden spoon and rubber band works well.

You can also roll aluminum foil to create a roll that you can wrap the craft stick around and then add a rubber band.

Once you have the craft sticks formed to the shape you want you will then let them dry. I let mine dry for one day.

Once they are dry you decorate them any way you want. I used a gel stain on mine and then decoupaged music paper on one.

You can add ribbon or fabric to a few.

These are fun to make but you will have to find the right item to wrap the craft stick around to fit your wrist.