The store’s seem to have all of their Christmas decorations on sale right now and you know I have to check it out. I always love to look through the Christmas sale items and see what I can use for Valentine’s Day. You can use so many of the pink and red items for other holidays. I found a pom pom garland in Hobby Lobby that is 70% off right now. We can use this pom pom garland to create a fun wreath for Valentine’s Day.

I will be using 2 of these pom pom garlands to create a wreath that I will place on my mantle for Valentine’s Day.

I will also be using a grapevine wreath, feather sprigs and hot glue.

The feather sprigs are from Hobby Lobby in the His & Her section.

My wreath is 16” and I purchased it from Hobby Lobby.

The pom pom garland is from Hobby Lobby and was $17.99 and is now 70% off.

You will want to cut each pom pom off of the garland.

I removed all of the pieces of the feather stems. This will give me smaller individual stems to place into the grapevine wreath.

I added all of the stems to the top part of the wreath as shown in photo above.

Once I had the stems how I wanted them I then added some hot glue underneath the feathers.

I added hot glue to the pom pom’s and started placing them onto the wreath.

I added 2 pom pom’s to the center area of the feathers.

You will place the pom pom’s any where that you want.

I decided to create a small banner to drape in the center of the wreath. You can use paper, glitter and tinsel to make this small banner.

This wreath is so cute as is but the banner just helps it pop for Valentine’s Day.

I hope this fun Diy will inspire you to take a double look at the Christmas items on sale. There are so many Christmas items that can be used for different holidays.