If you love unique things then you’re going to love this lamp shade. I’m obsessed with doilies, lace and everything unique.

You can do this project in a variety of ways but for my technique you will need these supplies.

1. Old metal framed lamp shade

2. A variety of doilies

3. Sewing needle

4. Upholstery thread

5. Scissors

6. Sewing pins







My lampshade was falling apart so I removed the outer covering. I’m liking just the wired shade because I would like the light to shine through my doilies.




You will first need to randomly place your doilies onto shade and pin them into place as you go. It is important to pin them all first to make sure you will like how it looks before sewing them on.







My doilies are a variety of shapes, colors and sizes so this step was very important to me. This step is a bit tricky and time consuming but so worth it in the end.




As your pinning your doilies together try to keep the same tension throughout the shade.If you have some large doilies you might want to cut them to make them all fit together.







Once your lampshade is completely covered you will need to hand sew them all into place with your upholstery thread. This lampshade can be a little time consuming for some but the finished product is so worth it. You can either make your shade to go onto a lamp or to be hung as I did for this one.