I was recently in our Dollar Tree Plus and came across a cute metal bunny leaner. This bunny leaner would look great at the bottom of my fireplace but I would like to give it a little make over. I just want to add a few changes so that it will blend in with my other decor on my mantel.

This is cute as is but I will be adding a few things to give it a little makeover.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Hot glue

2. Elmer’s glue

3. Paint brush

4. Moss

5. Flower stems from our website

6. Ribbon

7. Brown glitter

The first thing I did was add some Elmer’s glue over the brown areas of the bunny. Once I added the Elmer’s glue I then sprinkled on some glitter.

You can find the glitter that I’m using on 143 vinyl by clicking my referral link down below.


You can add as much glitter as you want.

Once I had the glitter added I then added some moss to the bottom as shown in photo down below.

Once I had the moss all glued in place I then added some flowers to the basket area.

These flowers are known our website and you can find them by clicking the link down below.


Once I had the flowers glued in place I then added ribbon around the neck making a bow.

I got my ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

I’m super excited about how this bunny turned out. I hope this will inspire you to get creative and give something a makeover.