I was in Walmart and I came across some fun colored beads. These beads are plastic and are perfect for kids crafts. I thought it would be fun to create a very quick and easy fairy wand for the yard.

You can find a list of the supplies that I’ll be using down below.

1. One pack of beads from Walmart

2. Decorative knob ( mine are from Home Depot)

3. Threaded rod ( mine is a #8x12in from Home Depot)

4. Nut ( mine is a #8-32 from Home Depot)

The first step is to screw the knob onto one end of the rod as shown in photo below.

Once the knob is in place you’ll then add the beads.

Once you have the beads added you’ll then add a nut. Be sure to leave some of the rod showing to place into the ground.

These are so easy for the kids to make this summer. I decided to give the beads a coat of a polyurethane spray to hold up in the weather. This is an optional step but I did not want the color to come off of the beads. These are fun wands to add to a fairy garden or in a few flower pots.