Ok everyone I love Goodwill and I go there a lot. I have been seeing a lot of beautiful glass bowls lately. I knew u wanted to make something unique with them and the first thing that popped into my head was a dome cake cover. With summer right around the corner it’s a great way to keep your food covered for your outdoor get togethers.

Supplies you will need: . Glass bowl of your choice . Knob of your choice( I found the one I used from Hobby Lobby) . Drill .Glass and tile drill bit . Hex saw .E6000 glue .Goggles

There are so many different size bowls you can use for this project. I have chosen a larger bowl for a cake cover. Your bowls can be used to cover a variety of different foods. To start off you will need to flip your bowl over and find the center of the bottom of your bowl. Once you have marked the center place your drill with your glass drill bit onto bowl.

Start drilling with a light pressure onto bowl. As you drill move the drill in a circular motion.

It will take a few minutes of drilling but you will end up with a hole through the bottom of your bowl.

Once your hole is complete you will take your knob and place the screw of your knob through the bowl from the outside in.


If your screw is longer then you would like, you can just cut some of the screw off with a hex saw.

Once your knob is through your bowl you will need to just place the washer and nut onto screw to hold knob in place.

You can put a little E6000 glue onto the washer so it will not allow the washer to come loose. This step is optional.


I love how unique they are with a variety of knobs and trays.

Glass dome Diy

Posted by The Shabby Tree on Wednesday, March 6, 2019