I have an old glass swan that I want to change up. This is old and I know it’s an antique but I want it to match my decor. You can find some amazing items in yard sales and thrift stores for a very low price. This is an amazing glass swan but I would love for it to match my decor.

This will be a very quick and simple makeover.

I’ll be using a Heirloom White spray paint and a Polyurethane spray.

I gave the glass swan a few light coats of the Heirloom White. Be sure to give drying time in between each coat. Once the spray paint was dry I then gave the swan a few coats of a Polyurethane spray.


This turned out amazing and it’s going to look amazing in my home.

I added some of our red tulips to the swan. This was very easy to do and I hope this will inspire you to give something a fun makeover. You can find the tulips on our website by clicking the link down below.