I love my front porch and I love decorating it for all holidays. October is here and I just finished decorating it for Halloween.

I purchased a new witch from Home Depot this year and I just love her. The peel and stick bats are from Walmart. I purchased a bat and ghost pillow from Home Goods this year.

I purchased the bat door mat from Five Below this year.

The black and white stackable pumpkins are from Five Below this year.

I love adding all different types of lights throughout my porch. My mom sent me the light up candles a few years ago from QVC. The white pumpkin is from Home Goods this year.

I keep trees in my front porch all year long. The lights at night make me very happy.

I added a few different white pumpkins to my front steps. The taller stackable light up pumpkins are from Home Goods and the smaller light up pumpkin is from Five Below.

I have skeletons on my porch and throughout my yard.

The amazing battery operated chandeliers hanging from my porch are from QVC.

As you go around the side of the porch you will see a skeleton and stackable pumpkin set from Five Below.

I turned an old frame into a fun chalkboard and used that as my wreath for my front door.

I always keep a garland and twinkle lights around my front door. You can find the twinkle lights on our website by clicking the link down below.


I love sitting on my front porch at night and I hope this will inspire you to add some lights throughout your porch.