I found myself in Home Depot today walking up and down the isles. We have used so many different items from Home Depot for so many of our diy’s. I decided to take some photos of some of my favorite items.

I love all of my Ryobi tools and the glue gun in one of my favorite items.

Home Depot has a huge selection of Ryobi items and they will have special sales on them at different times.

We have used a variety of their wooden items to make different things.

We recently make an uncle Sam out of this wooden leg. You can find these in all different sizes.

I always pick up a few of the wooden finials when I go to Home Depot.

We’ve used this wooden block for the base of a twine holder that we made here at The Shabby Tree.

These round pieces of wood work perfect for the top of small tables.

They have a huge selection of wooden dowels.

I always tell our followers to pick up some wooden shims. These are a great craft item.

I keep the Miter box and saw shown above on my craft desk.

I’ve purchased all of my metal cutters from Home Depot.

I hang almost everything with monkey hooks that are shown up above.

They have a variety of window film that we have recently used on a few of our diy’s.

The tile back splash is a must have for me. This is very easy to get creative with.

If you want to quickly change a wall in your home then check out their peel and stick wallpaper.

I always like to pick up a few cans of the Rust-oleum 2X spray paint.

The Gorilla wood glue works great for any project.

The Silicone works great on our outdoor craft items.

If your a crafter then the drop cloth is a great fabric for your crafts and so is brown paper.

The Lime Light hydrangea is always a must have for me. This is an amazing flower that is so easy to take care of.

I hope this will inspire you to take a look at a few of these items the next time your in Home Depot.