Summer is here and it’s always fun to create things for your yard. We have a set of candle pans on our website that I think we can use to create a quick and easy bird feeder.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One set of fluted candle pans from our website

2. One threaded rod from Home Depot ( 1/4in x 12in)

3. One eye bolt (1/4in x 4 in)

4. Coupling Nut ( 1/4in)

5. Four Hex Nuts ( 1/4in)

6. Thread Locker

7. One titanium drill bit ( 1/4 in)

8. Drill

The fluted candle trays are on our website and we have added the smaller tray to them. You can find the set on our website by clicking the link down below.

The first step is to drill a hole through the center of all 3 trays.

You’ll add the threaded rod through the first 2 trays as shown in photo below.

You’ll add a nut then the trays and then another nut.

I added some of the thread locker to the rod where the bolts will be added.

This will be the bottom part of the bird feeder. The next step is to add the larger candle tray to the top of the rod.

You’ll want to add the nut, tray and then nut. I decided to add some washers to the top tray.

The last step is to add the eye bolt to the rod. This will allow you to hang the bird feeder. I’ll be using a coupling nut to attach the eye bolt to the rod.

I found these items in Home Depot.

I added the thread locker to the end of the rod and to the end of the eye bolt.

The coupling nut will secure both together.

This is very easy to make and I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.