I started decorating for Fall and I always love adding a variety of candles throughout my home. We like to get creative with recycled items here at The Shabby Tree so I thought it would be fun to turn a recycled can into a fun and unique candle holder.

The supplies that we’ll be using are:

1. One recycled one gallon green bean can

2. Hot glue

3. One foam cutter from Walmart

4. Rust-oleum spray paint ( color Eden)

5. Metallic Lustre by DecoArt (color Iced Espresso)

6. Styrofoam pumpkins from our website

7. Two candle rings from our website

8. Spanish moss

9. Sponge

The first step is to cover the can with the spray paint. You can paint your can any color that you want. I’m using the color Eden because it blends in well with the candle ring that I’m using.

Once the spray was dry I then added some of the metallic lustre.

I found it easier to rub the metallic lustre over the can with a sponge. This will give my green a more rustic look.

The next step is to cut the foam pumpkins in half using the foam cutter.

The foam cutter allows me to easily cut through the foam pumpkins like cutting through butter. I purchased my foam cutter from Walmart. You can find the pumpkins that I’m using on our website by clicking the link down below.


I’ll be adding pieces of one candle ring around the edge of the can. Be sure to add this to the end of the can with the opening.

You’ll want to add a lot of hot glue and then some Spanish moss.

Once you have the Spanish moss on the can you’ll then add more hot glue to the Spanish moss.

It’s easier to get the pumpkins to stick to the Spanish moss then the can. I’m attaching the pumpkin halves with the stems.

I alternate the pumpkins and the candle ring pieces around the can.

You can find the candle rings that I’m using on our website by clicking the link down below.


You can find the candle that I’m using on our website by clicking the link down below.


This candle holder was so easy to make and will look great for Fall. I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.