The Dollar Tree has some fun hoops that they are just putting out for summer. I bought some to get creative and make a few dream catchers with.

The supplies that I’ll be using are listed down below.

1. One 20.5” fun hoop from the Dollar Tree

2. Lace curtain

3. Scissors

4. Upholstery thread and needle

5. Ribbons

6. Warm caramel colored spray paint by Rust-oleum

7. Waverly truffle colored chalk paint

8. Waverly antique wax

The first thing that I did was paint the fun hoop. I gave it a coat of the warm caramel colored spray paint.

Once the spray paint was dry I then added some of the truffle colored chalked paint.

I purchased the Wavery paints from Walmart. Once I had the truffle chalk paint added I then added some of the antique wax.

You can paint the fun hoop any color that you want. I wanted my fun hoop to look like an old rusty hoop.

Once the hoop was dry I then set it on top of the lace.

I cut the lace going around the hoop. Be sure to cut the lace larger than the size of the hoop.

Once I had the lace cut I then used the upholstery thread to attach the lace to the hoop.

You will sew the lace around the entire hoop.

Once I had the lace added to the hoop I then added the ribbons.

I folded strips of ribbon in half.

I placed the folded part through a hole in the lace.

I brought the lace through the other side and placed both ends of the ribbon through the loop.

You can add as many strips of ribbon that you want. I also used pearl strands on mine.

This dream catcher is so easy to make and I hope you’ll consider giving it a try.