Summer is here and it’s time to start planting and cleaning up the yard. I always love adding fun decorative items to my yard. We seem to be out in our yard a lot in the summer and I wanted to add something fun for the kids that will visit over the summer. The Dollar Tree has a lot of items for a fairy garden right now so I thought I would add a small fairy garden to my yard.

I purchased a variety of fairy garden items from the Dollar Tree.

Some other items that I’ll be using are:

1. One large flower container

2. Pool noodles to fill up some of my container

3. A variety of plants

4. Two recycled orange juice containers

5. X-acto knife

6. Wood burning tool

7. Spray paint

8. Clear Flex Seal

9. Potting Soil

10. Small Rocks from The Dollar Tree

11. Blue cut glass from The Dollar Tree

I purchased my flower pot from Home Depot.

I drilled a few drainage holes in the bottom.

I added some pool noodles to the bottom of the pot so that it won’t be so heavy.

You’ll add the potting soil to the pot.

I’m using two recycled orange juice containers to create my fairy houses.

I used the x-acto knife to cut out the door and windows on one of the containers. You’ll leave the bottom of the container so that you can add some rocks for weight.

I decided to use a wood burning tool on my second container to give a smooth edge around the door and windows.

I used a black and hunter green spray paint on both houses.

I decided to add a coat of a clear flex seal over both houses to help protect them from the weather.

Once I had the houses painted I added the plants to my pot.

You can add any type of plants to your pot.

I added some small rocks from the Dollar Tree to the inside of both houses.

You can create your fairy garden any way that you want. I added some small rocks for a cute sidewalk.

I added some blue crushed glass from the Dollar Tree for water.

You can add all of the small fairy items throughout the small garden.

This will be so much fun for kids to play with and will also make a cute decoration in your yard. I’ll be adding some small solar lights to my fairy garden. I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.