Summer is right around the corner and It’s always fun to add flowers throughout your home. We’re always getting creative here at The Shabby Tree so I thought it would be fun to make some unique flowers using plastic spoons. These flowers will look great in a dough bowl or on your 2 tiered tray.

The supplies that we’ll be using are:

1. Plastic spoons ( I’ll be using 10 for one flower)

2. Candle

3. Needle nose pliers

4. Red spray paint

I’ll be using ten plastic spoons for one flower.

The first step is to cut the handles off of each spoon. You want to leave a small piece of the handle as shown in photo above.

Once you get the spoons cut you’ll want to light your candle. It’s best to do the next step outside.

My candle is from the Dollar Tree and is not a soy candle. Your going to want to hold the handle part of the spoon with the pliers as shown in photo above.

You’ll want to place the spoon over the flame of the candle and melt the edges of the spoon. This is going to cause some smoke which is why you want to be outside and not breath any in.

You’re going to want to melt the first 2 spoons and attach the handles together. It’s very easy to attach the handles together if you place them over the flame of the candle.

The first two spoons will create the center to your flower. Once you have the center formed you’ll then add the next five spoons.

You’ll place each spoon over the flame of the candle and melt as much of the spoon as you want.

Be sure to place the handle part of the spoon over the flame and then use the pliers to squeeze it onto the other spoon handles.

Once you get the five spoons attached together around the center spoons you’ll then start adding the other ten spoons. You’ll do the same process for the last ten spoons. I did not melt the last ten spoons as much as the first seven.

Once you have the flower formed you’ll then spray paint it any color that you want.

This flower is so easy to make and I just love how it turns out. You just need to take your time and attach each spoon together at the handle part. The flame will melt the spoon quickly so be sure to not have it over the flame too long.

I hope you’ll get creative and give this fun flower a try.