I started decorating for Valentine’s Day and I want to make something new to add to my decorations. After going through my craft supplies I decided to make a fun hanging heart pocket.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One pack of flexible cutting mats from the Dollar Tree

2. Two self adhesive wall tiles from the Dollar Tree

3. Hot glue

4. Stapler

5. Scissors

6. Ruler

7. Marker

8. Wire

9. Rub’n Buff

I want to make a heart pattern so I traced one of the cutting mats onto a large piece of paper.

Once I cut the paper out I then folded it in half and drew a heart.

Once I had the heart pattern cut out I then traced it onto one of the cutting mats.

Once I had the heart traced onto the cutting mat I then cut it out.

Once I had the heart cut out I then traced the bottom half of the heart onto the second cutting mat.

The second heart will create the front pocket to the heart. I used a ruler stick to draw a line straight across and then cut this piece out.

I set this piece aside and then traced the full heart onto one of the tiles.

Once I had the heart traced onto the tile I then cut it out as shown in photo above.

The next step is to add hot glue to the entire cutting mat heart and then place the tile heart on top.

Once you have the two hearts glued together you’ll then staple the other cutting pat piece on top.

Once I had the two pieces glued together I then added the other cutting mat piece.

I stapled the cutting mat piece to the top of the tile heart. This piece will help form the pocket to the heart.

I had to come in from the sides to have this piece come out to form a pocket.

Once I had the pocket formed I then added hot glue to the cutting mat piece.

I trimmed the end off of the second tile as shown in photo above. Once I had the end trimmed I then added the tile over the hot glue being sure to line up the edges at the top of the pocket.

Be sure to push the tile down onto the hot glue. Once I had the tile piece glued in place I then trimmed off the excess tile.

Once I had the heart pocket formed I then added some Spanish Copper Rub’n Buff over the entire pocket.

I decided to add just a touch of the Ebony Rub’n Buff here and there.

I added a piece of wire for a hanger. You can curl the wire by wrapping sections around a pen.

You can add some berries or greenery to the heart.

This heart is very easy to make and will look great hanging any where in your home.