It’s time to start decorating my front porch for summer. I wanted to create something different this year. After doing some shopping I decided to create a fun decorative kite.

I was in Walmart and a few items from Pioneer Woman caught my eye. She has some dish towels and a round braided placemat that will make this kite very quick and easy to make.

The supplies that I’ll be using for this kite are listed down below.

1. Pioneer Woman dish towel set from Walmart

2. One Pioneer Woman braided placemat from Walmart

3. Surebonder fabric glue

4. Scissors

5. Seam ripper

6. Twine

7. Clothes pin (optional)

8. Bamboo skewers from the Dollar Tree

The first step is to use the seam ripper on the braided placemat.

You’ll want to unravel the entire placemat. This will give you strips of fabric for the tail to your kite.

You’ll need 2 dish towels for one kite. This kite can be created with any type of fabric that you want. The dish towels make it very quick and easy.

The next step is to create the frame for the kite. You can use sticks from your yard, paint sticks or kabob sticks. I’m using bamboo skewers from the Dollar Tree.

I cut the tips off of four skewers.

I’m doubling the skewers to give my kite extra support. I created a cross form and then came down about 9 inches from the top.

I used a piece of twine to connect all of the skewers together at the center point.

I wrapped the twine in all different directions and then tied a knot.

I wrapped twine around the skewers going 9 inches up and then I did the same thing going 13 inches down.

I cut the skewers going out each side about 7 inches from the center.

Your frame should look something like my frame up above.

The next step is to draw your kite onto the back side of the towels.

Once you have the kite drawn you’ll then cut it out.

You can trace the first cut out onto the second towel.

Once you have both towels cut you’ll then attache the frame. You’ll want to add the glue down the center skewers as shown in photo above.

Add the frame to the towel as shown in photo above.

Place the second towel on top with the good side facing out. Add the glue to one side of skewers.

Place the towel down onto the glue and then do the other side. Once you have the towel glued to the skewers you’ll then glue around the edges.

Once the towels are secured together you’ll then add some of the strips from the braided placemat. You’ll want to start at the top and come down one side.

Be sure to leave a long strand at the bottom to create a tail to the kite. Go back up to the top and come back down the other side.

You will do this to both sides of the kite.

I decided to add some strips of fabric to the front side of my kite. This is optional.

I decided to glue a clothespin to the back side of my kite. This will make it easier to attach to a garland.

This kite was very easy to make and I hope you’ll give it a try.