The Dollar Tree has all of their Fall and Halloween decorations out right now. I went to see what we can get creative with and found a few items. They have a wooden ghost cut out that we can easily turn into a light up ghost.

I’ll be using two of these wooden ghost cut outs.

All of the supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Two wooden ghost cut outs from the Dollar Tree

2. Three 4×6” canvases from the Dollar Tree

3. One cream colored creepy cloth from the Dollar Tree

4. One pack of flexible cutting mats from the Dollar Tree

5. Scissors

6. Hot glue

7. Black spray paint

8. Heirloom white spray paint

9. One 5 Watt Clip Light

I spray painted the ghost cut outs and the canvases with the Heirloom White spray paint.

I also spray painted one of the cutting mats with the black spray paint.

I only spray painted one side of the cutting mat and I gave it a light coat so that the light will shine through.

Once the paint was dry I then glued one of the canvases onto the center of one ghost as shown in photo above.

You will only need one cutting mat and you’ll cut it in half.

Be sure to cut the cutting mat to fit over the face of the ghost. Add hot glue to the ghost and then place the cutting mat onto the hot glue. Be sure to have the painted side of the cutting mat facing down.

The next step is to glue the other two canvases onto the ghost as shown in photo below.

You’ll want to add the other half of the cutting mat to the other ghost. I wanted the second ghost to be facing forward so I made sure to add the cutting mat to correct side of the ghost.

I then added hot glue to all of the canvases and then I placed the second ghost on top.

I made a hole in the center canvas so that I can add a clip light.

I decided to cut a small piece of the cutting mat to give the clip light more support. I cut a hole into the cutting mat and then glued it onto the canvas.

I placed the clip light up into the canvas and then added the light bulb.

I added some of the Dollar Tree creepy cloth over the top of the ghost.

This ghost was so easy to make and will look great in my home for Halloween. I hope you’ll get creative and give this light up ghost a try.