Fall and Halloween are quickly approaching and it’s time to start creating your decorations. If you’re part of The Shabby Tree then you know I love things that light up. I thought it would be fun to create a simple light up ghost. You know I like fun and unique items so I want this to be a cement ghost that can light up.















The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Ready-Mix Concrete Patch

2. Once plastic flower pot from Dollar General

3. One Plastic snow globe

4. Wood burning tool

5. Drill and hole saw

6. Hot glue

7. White spray paint

I’ll be attaching the flower pot and snow globe together to form the body of the ghost.

I used the hole saw to make a hole in the bottom of the flower pot. The hole will allow the light to shine up into the head of the ghost.

I added some of the white spray paint before glueing the snow globe in place.

I removed the bottom of the snow globe and then glued the snow globe to the flower pot.

Once I had the snow globe glued onto the flower pot I then used the wood burning tool to create the eyes to my ghost.

I used a marker to draw my eyes first.

The wood burning tool will melt the opening for the eyes.

Once I had my eyes created I then started adding the ready-mix concrete patch.

I found it easier to apply the ready-mix concrete patch with my hands.

I covered the entire body of my ghost with the ready-mix concrete patch. Once I had all the concrete mix added to my ghost I then used some water to smooth the concrete mix out.

I dipped my fingers into the water and then used my fingers to smooth the concrete paste out.

I gave my ghost a good 24 hours to completely dry and I used a white spray paint to cover my ghost.

I spray painted the outside of my ghost and I also spray painted some of the inside of my ghost. You can add battery operated or plug in lights to the ghost.

This ghost was so easy to make and will look great with all of my Halloween decorations. I hope you’ll get creative and give this ghost a try.