I found myself in Five Below walking up and down all of their isles. They have a small craft section and some round canvas frames caught my eye. I knew as soon as I saw the round canvas frames that we could use them to create a fun and unique pumpkin.

These round canvas frames come in a pack of two. You’ll need three round canvas frames so we’ll be using two packs.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Two packs of 10” round canvas frames from Five Below

2. Hot glue

3. Rustic Orange colored spray paint by Rust-Oleum

4. Drill and drill bit

5. One decorative knob

6. Spiced Pumpkin Americana acrylic paint by DecoArt

7. Maple Gel Stain by DecoArt

8. Paint brush

The first step is to spray paint three of the 10” round canvas frames with the Rustic Orange spray paint.

Once the spray paint is dry you’ll then glue the three frames together to form a pumpkin.

You’ll lay two of the frames down side by side. The third frame will get glued over the center of the two frames. I marked the top frame so that I know where to add the hot glue.

Place the hot glue on the back side of the third frame and then press it down onto the other two frames. Be sure to place the third frame in the center of the other two frames.

Once you have all three canvas frames secured together you’ll then drill a hole into the top center of the middle canvas.

I added some of the Spiced Pumpkin acrylic paint and the Maple gel stain to my pumpkin.

Once the paint is dry you’ll then add the knob to the top of the pumpkin.

I added some Spanish Moss to the top of my pumpkin.

This pumpkin is so quick and easy to make and will look great any where in your home. This pumpkin would make a great Fall wreath for your front door. I hope you’ll get creative and give this pumpkin a try.