I seem to have a lot of cardinals in my yard lately which got my mind going. We have created so many fun and unique trees here at The Shabby Tree that I thought it would be fun to create a cardinal tree.

The supplies that I’ll be using are :

1. Two packs of wood discs from Hobby Lobby

2. Hot glue

3. Spanish moss

4. Spray paint ( Hunter Green and Seaweed)

5. One pack of small red cardinal birds from Hobby Lobby

You can find these wood discs in Hobby Lobby in their wedding section.

You want to start glueing the wood discs together. Be sure to start with the biggest ones on the bottom.

You’ll want to play around and see which one’s will fit where before glueing them together. There’s no right or wrong way to create your tree.

I used the Hunter Green spray paint on the tree first.

Once the Hunter Green spray paint was dry I then gave the tree a coat of the Seaweed spray paint.

The next step is to glue on the cardinals and the Spanish moss. You can place your cardinals any where that you want on your tree.

This tree is so easy to make and can be used all year long. I added my tree to the top of a candle holder to give it some height.

I hope you’ll have fun and give this easy tree a try.