We love getting creative here at The Shabby Tree and we love making fun and unique items. I recently bought some paint brushes from the Dollar Tree that we can get creative with. We can easily turn a paint brush into a fun and unique Santa head.

The supplies that we’ll be using are:

1. One paint brush from the Dollar Tree

2. Hot glue

3. Red ribbon

4. One bling embellishment

5. Cherry Red acrylic paint by DecoArt

6. Cotton balls

7. Googly eyes

8. One inch split ball

9. Paint brush

The first step is to paint the handle of the paint brush. I’m using a Cherry Red acrylic paint by DecoArt.

Once you have the handle painted it’s then time to add the cotton balls. I coffee stained the cotton balls that I’ll be using.

You’ll want to unroll a few of the cotton balls as shown in photo above.

You’ll want to glue some of the cotton ball strips around the metal part of the paint brush.

Once you have the cotton glued in place you’ll then glue on two googly eyes.

You’ll glue the split ball on for the nose.

Once you have the eyes and nose glued in place you’ll add more cotton strips for the beard.

I added a small strip of cotton for a beard as shown in photo above.

I cut some strips of red ribbon to create a small rag bow. You’ll tie the bow to the top of the handle and then glue on the bling.

This was so easy to make and will look great hanging any where in your home for Christmas. I hope you’ll get creative and give this Santa head a try.