We’re always trying to get creative here at The Shabby Tree and we love to make things that can light up. Since we’re The Shabby Tree I thought it would be fun to create a unique light up tree. We’ve created a variety of trees in the past but I want to create a tree using canning jar lids.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Two 16 x 20 canvases

2. Hot glue

3. Twenty rings from the canning jar lids

4. Spanish moss

5. Oak colored Gel stain by DecoArt

6. Paint brush

7. Antique gold Rub’n Buff

8. Scrap piece of a lace curtain

9. Scissors

10. Tacky glue

11. Chunky gold glitter

The first step is to lay all of the rings onto one canvas as shown in photo above. Once you have them on the canvas in the shape of a tree you’ll want to trace the outer part of the tree.

Once you have the outer part of the tree traced you’ll then paint the outer part of the canvas.

I’m using a Gel stain but you you can use any type of paint that you want.

Once you have the outer part of the canvas painted you’ll then put the rings back onto the canvas.

You’ll want to cut a hole into the canvas in the center of each ring. You can do this with scissors or an x-acto knife.

Be sure not cut the hole as big as the ring. You want a smaller hole in the center of each ring as shown in photo above.

The next step is to trace the rings onto your piece of lace.

You’ll want to cut out all 20 circles.

Once you have your lace circles cut out you’ll then glue them to the inside center of the ring.

Be sure to pull the lace tight when glueing it into the ring.

The next step is to glue all 20 rings onto the canvas.

Put hot glue all along the rim of the ring and then place it onto the canvas.

Once you have all 20 rings glued in place you’ll then glue Spanish moss between all of the rings.

Once you have the tree formed you’ll then glue the other canvas to the back side.

You’ll add hot glue all around the back side frame of the canvas.

Once you have both canvases glued together you’ll then paint the back side canvas.

You’ll want to cut a hole towards the bottom of the back side canvas.

I used Tacky glue and chunky glitter to make a star for the top of the tree.

I added some Rub’n Buff here and there to the front side.

Once the star was dry I then added some of our Twinkle lights up into the canvas.

You can find our Twinkle lights by clicking the link down below.


This tree was so much fun to make and looks amazing lit up. I hope you’ll get creative and give this tree a try.