I was recently in the Dollar General and I was scrolling up and down the isles. They have some really cute home decor items but I found something in the kitchen isle that caught my eye. They have a grater that is a fun and unique shape that I think we can get creative with.

I’ve never seen a grater this shape and I think there are some different ways that we’ll be getting creative with it.

I would like to turn it into a fun Americana tree and a fun wind chime right now. You’ll find the list of supplies that I’ll be using down below.

1. One grater from Dollar General

2. Fishing line

3. Scissors

4. Drill and drill bit

5. Five forks

6. Paint brush

7. Americana acrylic paint by DecoArt ( Tuscan Red, Deep Midnight Blue and Warm White)

8. One metal star from our website

The first step is to drill 5 holes into the bottom of the grater about 2.75 inches apart.

I also drilled a hole into the top of the handle of the grater.

The next step is to paint the grater.

I started with the blue at the top as shown in photo above.

I then did 3 white stripes as shown in photo above.

Once I had the white stripes painted on I then added the red stripes.

Once the grater is painted you’ll want to drill a hole at the end of each fork.

I used a hammer to flatten my forks but you can leave them as is.

I added the blue paint to the fork as shown in photo above.

Once the blue paint was dry I then added the red and white. You’ll want to do this to both sides of the forks.

Once the forks are dry you’ll then attach them to the grater using the fishing line.

I placed the metal star tree topper from our website to the handle of the grater. You can find the star on our website by clicking the link down below.


You can skip adding the forks and leave this grater as fun decorative Americana tree as shown in photo below.

This is a fun and very easy way to get creative with a grater. I hope you’ll have fun and give this a try.