I’ve been decorating my home for Valentine’s Day and I have a few spots where I want to add a heart shape wreath. After looking through my craft supplies I thought we can make a quick and easy heart shape wreath using some simple brown shipping paper.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Brown shipping paper

2. Cardboard

3. Hot glue

4. Three wooden shims

5. Spanish moss

6. X-acto knife

7. Marker

8. Waverly truffle colored paint

9. Waverly antique wax

The first step is to make a heart pattern out of some paper.

Once I had the heart drawn I then cut it out.

Once you have the heart cut out as shown in photo above you’ll then trace it onto a piece of cardboard.

Once you have the heart traced onto the cardboard you’ll then cut it out.

I added some wooden shims onto the cardboard heart to give it extra support.

The next step is to wrap brown shipping paper around the cardboard heart.

I took strips of brown paper and gave them a few twists. I started wrapping the shipping paper around the cardboard heart.

I added some hot glue at the beginning and end of each strip of shipping paper.

I want my heart wreath to have a more rustic look so I decided to paint it with a truffle colored paint.

I added some antique wax over the truffle paint. Once the paint was dry I then glued on Spanish moss.

You can paint your wreath any color that you want.

This wreath can be made any shape that you want.

There are so many different ways to get creative with this wreath. I hope you’ll give this fun and unique wreath a try.