Spring is right around the corner and I love adding flowers throughout my home. I love to create fun and unique flowers that can be used different ways throughout my home. I have a beautiful table runner from Home Goods that I want to use to create some unique flowers.

Some other items that I’ll be using are scissors, hot glue, magnets and some Dollar Tree cookie sheets to create these flowers.

The first thing that I did was cut out all of the flowers from the table runner. This table runner has beautiful blue and yellow flowers.

Once I had the flowers cut out I then trimmed the edges off of the cookie sheets.

The next step is to glue all of the flowers to the Dollar Tree cookie sheets.

I added hot glue to half of the flower and then placed it onto the cookie sheet.

Once I had the flower onto the cookie sheet I then added more hot glue to the rest of the flower.

Once I had them all glued onto the cookie sheet I then cut them all out.

Once I had them all cut out I then glued a magnet onto the back center of each flower.

Once I had the magnets glued on I then cut in between some of the petals.

This will allow me to bend the flowers and give them a little dimension.

I added magnets to my flowers so that I can attach them to a metal platter.

These flowers are so easy to make and there are so many different ways to get creative with them. I hope you will keep your eye out for type of fabric with a flower print and give these unique flowers a try.