If you love lace and doilies your going to love these DIY lace balls. I was looking for something unique to put in my large dough bowl and decided to create something myself. I’m always buying lace curtains and tablecloths from Goodwill so I thought I would try making some different sized lace balls.

The supplies you will need: scissors,twine or string,stiffy,balloons,parchment paper and some lace
I will be using some lace curtains I have found at Goodwill. You will first need to cut your lace into small pieces. I don’t measure my pieces I just cut a strip of my lace and then cut that strip into squares.

After you cut your lace you then need to blow up your balloon. You blow the balloon up to how big you want your lace ball to be.

I put parchment paper down so I don’t drip any stiffy onto my surface. I like to place my balloon into a small bowl to stop the balloon from rolling around as o try to place my lace on. I first brush some stiffy onto the balloon.

Then I place a piece of lace onto balloon an brush more stiffy over lace. I continue this process until the entire balloon is covered. You just need to make sure you overlap the lace so you completely cover balloon.

Once you have the entire ballon covered with lace and stiffy I tie a piece of twine around knot of balloon. I then hang the balloon from the twine. This helps the balloon dry evenly around the whole balloon.


You can hang them outside to dry if the weather is nice or you just hang them from a light fixture in your home.
Once they are completely dry and stiff you will need to take scissors and cut the end of the balloon off.

I like to just put a slit in the balloon and hold onto the end while all the air deflated out of the balloon. This way I can then just pull the balloon out of the lace ball

When the balloon is out you will have a whole in your ball. You can just be sure to put that end of the ball on the bottom so you don’t see the hole. Another option is to hand them and have the opening on top. I made these for my dough bowl so I will just put the opening on the bottom.