We are always using some type of napkin for all different crafts here at The Shabby Tree. A napkin makes a great craft item and there are so many different ways to get creative with them. I recently found a beautiful napkin for Spring from European Excellency. I think we can use this napkin to create a fun and unique Spring decoration.

You can find this napkin on European Excellency by clicking the link down below. Be sure to use CODE BARB at checkout for a 10% discount.


The supplies that I’ll be using for this craft are:

1. Napkin from European Excellency

2. Decoupage

3. Paint brush

4. Lace colored chalky finish paint by DecoArt

5. Spanish Moss

6. Recycled can good ( mine is 15.5oz)

7. Elmer’s Spray Adhesive

The first step is to remove the label from your can.

Once I had the label removed I then painted the can with the lace colored chalky finish paint.

The next step is to remove the back layers of the napkin.

Once you have the back layers removed from the napkin you’ll then paint the decoupage onto the can.

Add the napkin over the decoupage.

You’ll add more decoupage over the napkin. Once I had the decoupage painted over the napkin I then ripped the bottom of the napkin off as shown in photo above.

I want to add a fun decorative birds nest to the top of my can. You can spray the adhesive over the Spanish moss to help form a birds nest.

You can use a small bowl to help form your birds nest or you can just use your hands.

Once I had the nest formed I then pushed it down onto the can.

This turned out so cute and you can add a bird or a few eggs to the nest. I thought it would be fun to add a small battery operated candle to.

This is very easy to make and I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.