I seem to be ordering a lot of paper mache items from Amazon lately. It’s always fun to get creative with paper mache items. There seems to be a lot of different ways to change up a paper mache item. I recently ordered a paper mache Santa head and some paper mache trees from Amazon. After looking at them I decided it would be fun to try and make them look like cement items.

You can use any type of paper mache item for this craft. The main items that you’ll need are Ready-Mix Concrete Patch and a paper mache item.

You can find the paper mache items that I’m using on my Amazon store front by clicking the link down below.


I purchased my Ready-Mix Concrete Patch from Home Depot.

You’ll want to cover the entire paper mache item with the Ready-Mix Concrete Patch. You can use a small plastic tool or you can use your fingers.

You don’t want to make them nice and smooth. I want mine to have texture to them.

The first item that I’m covering with the concrete mix is a tree box. I’ll be covering the lid and the bottom outside part of the box. This will give me two concrete trees.

Be sure to cover the sides with the concrete mix.

I did the same thing with the paper mache Santa head. I found the Santa head easier to cover by using my fingers.

You’ll want to let them dry and then I added some paint to mine.

I used a chalky red and a chalky lace colored paint by DecoArt on the Santa head as well as an Oyster Beige colored acrylic paint by DecoArt.

I used a Bright Green acrylic paint by DecoArt on the trees.

These were so easy to create and I just love how they turned out. I hope you’ll get creative and give this a try.