I found myself on Amazon and I came across some pretty removable wallpaper. They have so many different prints in the removable wallpapers. The removable wallpaper is a great way to quickly change up any room in your home. I ordered some to give my assistant Kellie Sue’s office a quick and easy change.

I just love the print of this wallpaper and you can find the exact one on Amazon by clicking my referral link down below.


We had a quilt hanging on the wall in Kellie Sue’s office but we wanted something new and different. A removable wallpaper is very easy to use and I love that it’s not permanent.

I started at the top corner and worked my way over. The walls in our warehouse do not seem to be all that level but it still worked great. I like to start at the top and then pull the back sheet off as I work my way down the wall.

I used my hand to smooth the wallpaper out as I went. You can use a credit card or any type of flat scraper to smooth out the paper and get rid of any air bubbles.

You will need to measure your wall and decide how many rolls of wallpaper you’ll need. I needed 3 rolls to cover this wall.

The most important part is to line up your print when starting the next row.

Wallpaper makes such a big difference and it’s always fun to add to one wall in a room. I hope this will inspire you to take a look at some removable wallpaper and get creative.