We’ve been getting creative with resin here at The Shabby Tree and I want you to see how easy it is to use. I was amazed at how easy resin is to use and how amazing it turns out. I found a silicone mold from Walmart that I want to use with resin to create some fun and unique charms.





The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. Resin

2. Silicone mold from Walmart

3. Bling embellishments

4. Glitter

5. Book pages

6. Scissors

7. A piece of wax paper

The first thing that I did was to create patterns from my mold using the wax paper. You can see through the wax paper to trace the mold. I want to cut out pieces from book pages to place into the molds. The pattern will make it easier to cut the paper pieces to fit into the mold.

You can find this mold on Walmart by clicking my referral link down below.



Once I traced the mold I then cut them out.

I traced the patterns onto the paper and cut them out.

You want to make sure that they’ll fit into the mold.

Be sure to create small holes for the tab to go through.

The next step is to mix your resin. You’ll want to mix equal parts of both bottles together.

Stir the mixture together slowly so that you don’t create a lot of air bubbles.

I added a small amount of a fine glitter to my mixture.

I added some chunky glitter and then some of the resin.

I added some paper on top of the resin and then a bling.

You will want to add more resin to the top but be sure not to go over the edge.

You’ll do the same process for all of the molds. I used a heat gun to get any air bubbles out.

You can use any type of bling that you want. These are very easy to make and I just love how easy resin is to work with.

You can click the link down below to find our Shabby Tree bling


Once you pop the molds out you can add ribbon or a chain through the hole.

I hope you’ll give resin a try to see how easy it is to use.