Ok I love having fun and I love playing fun games. If you’re looking for a fun game to play with your whole family over the holidays then you will want to check this out. You can easily make a fun game by wrapping a bunch of fun items in saran wrap.

You can make this ball as big or as small as you want.

I like to have one big gift in the center of the ball. This ball will have a small box from the Dollar Tree with cash inside.

You will start wrapping the saran wrap and add more items as you go.

Gift cards are always a great item to add to the ball.

I added a variety of snacks and candy throughout the ball.

You will want to add one item at a time and wrap the saran wrap a few times. I like to cut the saran wrap and wrap it in all different directions.

I added a lot of items to this ball so this ball turned out to be big. You will want to use a set of dice for the game. You can choose who will go first and the next player will roll the dice until they get doubles. Once you roll doubles it is your turn to unravel the saran wrap. I like to make it hard and have the player put oven mitts on when unraveling the ball.