I recently purchased a pretty white snow globe from Target in their Dollar Spot. The base of the snow globe has a snowflake on it which caught my eye. I knew as soon as I saw the snow globe what I wanted to do with it. This snow globe will make the perfect decoration for my dining room this year.

You can find the snow globe in the Target Dollar section for $5.00.

A few other items that I’ll be using are:

1. Snow roll or cotton

2. Hot glue

3. Small wooden snowman from the Target dollar spot

4. Elmer’s glue

5. Six tumbling tower pieces

6. Glitter

7. Paint brush

8. Glorious Gold metallic paint by DecoArt

9. Battery operated snowflake lights from Walmart

I first painted one small wooden snowman with the Glorious Gold colored paint.

I then added some hot glue to the snow globe as shown in photo above.

You’ll place the snow roll onto the hot glue and then use the Elmer’s glue to attach the back side .

You’ll want to trim the excess snow roll off at the bottom.

I hot glued 6 tumbling tower pieces to the inside of the snow globe. You want to be sure to glue the tumbling tower pieces far enough from the back so that you can fit the lights.

You’ll want to glue the snowman to the top of the tumbling tower pieces.

I added more of the snow roll to the inside. You can glue more of the snow roll around the bottom inside edge. The box from the lights make it hard to secure the the top back down into the base. You can use the snow roll to fill in the spaces to help support the top onto the base.

I used a little spray adhesive onto the snow roll and then sprinkled on glitter. This glitter looks like a sugar glitter. You can find it in Walmart or any craft store.

I placed the snowflake lights up into the snow globe. You can use a small piece of tape to secure the strand to the top inside of the snow globe.

This was fun and easy to make and will look great in my dining room. I hope this will inspire you to have fun and get creative.