We are always creating fun and unique items here at The Shabby Tree and we have used socks for a few of them. Fall and Halloween are quickly approaching and I thought it would be fun to create a quick and easy witch hat out of a sock. This will be a smaller witch hat that can be used as an ornament or bowl filler.
The supplies I will be using are: 1. A black sock from the Dollar Tree 2. Black paint 3. Surebonder fabric glue 4. Scissors 5. Polyester fiberfill 6. Nautical rope 7. Paint brush 8. Paper plate
I purchased the black socks from the Dollar Tree.
You will want to cut the bottom part of the sock. I cut it at the heel area and then I cut the toe area off.
You should have a piece that looks like photo above.
You will want to flip the piece inside out.
You will fold it in half and cut the top part of the hat as shown in photo below.
Once you cut the top part and you unfold the sock it should like photo below.
Separate the top later and add the surebonder fabric glue around the edges as shown in photo below.
Once you added the surebonder fabric glue be sure to pinch both pieces back together along the edge.
You will now turn the sock back side out again so that the outside of the sock is facing out again.
Do not worry if the surebonder glue is showing. You will be adding black paint later on.
Add the stuffing to the sock. Do not stuff completely because the bottom section will form the brim to the hat.
You will want to cut out the center circle of the paper plate.
I decided to trim the circle a little smaller.
You will want to add the fabric glue to the center of the circle.
Now you will need to attach the bottom center opening of the sock onto the plate. This is where you will form the brim of the hat. You want to glue the bottom edge of the sock onto the outer edge of the plate.
You will add more glue onto the plate as you attach the sock. The glue will show through the sock as shown in photo above.
Once you have the shape of your hat you will add the black paint to cover the glue areas.
Be sure to paint the bottom of the hat.
I added some twine around the hat. You can add anything around the hat for decoration.
These are very easy to make and look great in a dough bowl. I hope you will get creative and give this a try.