Ok I found myself in Walmart and I noticed that they started putting out some of their summer home decor items. I always like to check out their summer items before they start getting picked over. They did not have it all out but I thought I would share some items that I saw.

They have a large selection of chair cushions which always seem to sell fast.

They have a variety of outdoor umbrellas which you can see in the photos above.

They had just a few pieces of their furniture opened and displayed. I did take a few photos of the other pieces of furniture that they had in boxes.

They also have a large selection of outdoor fire pits this year.

You can find a large selection of outdoor pots and gardening items.

The Jiffy seed starting pots make a great craft item.

They have a large selection of seeds and bulbs.

I know Walmart will be putting more summer items out but I wanted to share some sneak peeks of what I’m seeing in my Walmart right now.. The weather will start getting warmer and some of you might be looking for some summer items. I hope you enjoyed my sneak peeks and I hope you’re excited to decorate for summer.