I started pulling out my Americana decorations and wanted to create some new decorations. After going through my craft supplies I thought it would be fun to use a wooden leg from Home Depot to create an Uncle Sam. This Uncle Sam can be displayed any where in your home.

The supplies that I’ll be using are:

1. One 9” traditional leg from Home Depot

2. Cotton balls

3. Paint brush

4. Hot glue

5. Small piece of cardboard

6. One empty medicine bottle ( mine is 3 inches tall)

7. Lace colored chalky finish paint by DecoArt

8. Americana acrylic paint by DecoArt ( colors Country Red, Deep Midnight Blue and Black)

9. Oak colored Gel stain by DecoArt

10. Scissors

11. Silver tinsel

The first step is to remove the screw from the leg.

Once the screw is removed you’ll start painting on the chalky finish paint.

You’ll want to paint the top section and then alternating sections at the bottom.

Once you painted on the chalky finish paint you’ll then add the red paint. You’ll paint the strips in between the chalky finish painted strips with the red paint.

I’m using Country Red by DecoArt.

Once you have the red painted on you’ll then paint the bottom and upper middle sections with the Deep Midnight Blue colored paint.

I watered down some of the Oak colored Gel stain and painted it over the entire leg.

You can paint the eyes on before or after painting on the Gel stain.

I coffee stained a few cotton balls and let them dry. Once the cotton balls were dried I then unrolled them into strips.

You’ll glue the cotton balls onto the head. The cotton balls will create the hair and mustache.

I traced the chalky finish paint bottle onto a piece of cardboard.

You’ll cut the circle out and paint it with the Deep Midnight Blue paint.

You’ll paint the medicine bottle with the Deep Midnight Blue Paint and you’ll then glue the cardboard and medicine bottle to the top of the head.

I added some silver tinsel around the hat to hide the bottom of the medicine bottle.


I added the cotton balls around the back of the head.

I decided to paint some white stars onto the bottom section. This Uncle Sam is so easy to make and I hope you’ll give it a try.