I’m decorating for Christmas and I always get excited to pull out my vintage Santas. I’ve been collecting vintage Santas for years so I seem to have a lot. I thought I would show you how I like to add them throughout my house for Christmas.

I decided to place a variety of Santas in my large dough bowl this year.

I have large vintage Santas that are some of my favorite.

This one stands on a chair in the corner of my kitchen.

The one above sits on a chair in my foyer.

This one holding a believe sign is the largest Santa that I have. I tied a believe sign to his hands.

The one above is in my kitchen in a red sleigh from Walmart.

I added some smaller Santas throughout the kitchen and living room.

You will also find some smaller ones in my foyer and down my hallway.

I placed a variety of the Santas going across my mantel in my living room.

The large Santa head in the center is a styrofoam Santa head.

I hope seeing these Santas bring back special memories for some of you. These Santas make me very happy and enjoy putting them all out each year.