I love crafting and I love giving simple everyday items a makeover. You can find amazing wet transfers from European Excellency that are very easy to get creative with. I thought it would be fun to use a few wet transfers on a recycled salt and pepper container.

The supplies that I’ll be using are listed down below.

1. One recycled salt and pepper container.

2. Wet transfers from European Excellency

3. Fern Green and Hazelnut chalk paint by Waverly.

4. Antique Wax by Waverly

5. Polyurethane spray

6. Gold glitter (optional)

7. Elmer’s glue (optional)

8. Paint brush

The first step is to paint your containers. I’m using a chalk paint by Waverly.

I added an antique glaze by Waverly over the chalk paint.

Once the paint is dry you’ll then add the wet transfer. You can find the wet transfers that I’m using on European Excellency by clicking the link down below.


You’ll need some water and a sponge to add the wet transfer.

Be sure to remove the clear film from the transfer. Once you have the film removed you’ll then place the transfer onto the container.

Once you have the transfer in place you’ll then add the water over the transfer.

Be sure to press the sponge with water down over the transfer.

The next step is to slide the transfer off the container.

You’ll want to give the transfer a coat of sealer. I used a polyurethane on mine.

I added a touch of Elmer’s glue and glitter.

I added some timer taper candles and greenery to my containers. You can find the candles and greenery on our website by clicking the links down below.