When you are a crafter you are always trying to find new items to craft with. I have discovered that you can create a lot of items using a simple wire hanger. It is time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day so I came up with a way to create a fun and easy heart using one wire hanger.

Check your closet you might just have a few wire hangers in there. You can purchase wire hangers from amazon and I found a few in Walmart. You will find my amazon affiliate link down below for the wire hangers that I am using.

A few other items that I am using are:

1. Hot glue

2. A piece of a lace (I am using a lace curtain that I purchased from our local thrift store)

3. Scissors

4. Ribbons

5. Small doilies

6. A crystal bling embellishment

The first step is to start to form the wire hanger into a heart shape.

You will now glue your material onto the wire heart.

I am using a silicone mat underneath this project. The silicone mats are a great item to use underneath the hot glue.

You will want to double your material. I have a piece of lace underneath the wire heart and then I placed a piece on top of the wire heart.

You will lift your top layer of fabric and add hot glue in small section onto the wire heart.

You will place the top layer of fabric over the hot glue . Because I am using a lace I am using a rubber finger protector to press my layers together.

You will glue your fabric pieces to front and back of the wire heart.

You will then cut the excess material off. I left about a half of inch of lace border around the wire heart.

Once your heart is cut out you can add decorations. I am adding a few doilies and ribbons to the top area of my heart.

You can add any type of items to your heart to make it more decorative. I cut pom pom’s off of a ribbon that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. These pom pom’s look so cute glued around the edge of my heart.

I added a crystal bling to the center of the doilies. You can find a great selection of bling embellishments in Hobby Lobby. I find these in the material section and the brand is sew-ology.

These hearts are so easy to make and I just love how you can get creative with them.

I wrapped a loopy yarn around one. Once the heart was completely covered with the loopy yarn I then cut all the loops to make strands.

You can use a moss or any type of greenery on this wire heart.

I just love how easy these hearts are to make and I hope you will all get creative and give them a try.