I recently bought the cutest wooden buttons from Amazon and I’m excited to get creative with them. These buttons are going to make the cutest bouquet of flowers.

The supplies that I’m using are listed down below.

1. One pack of wooden buttons from Amazon.

2. Hot glue

3. Waverly antique wax

4. Apple Barrel paint ( Kelly Green and Cloudless)

5. One wooden flower bouquet card from Amazon

6. One paint brush

7. Green strips of fabric

The first step is to paint the wooden bouquet card.

I painted the top of the card with the Kelly Green.

Once the top of the card was painted I then painted the bottom with the color Cloudless.

The card also comes with a small wooden hang tag which I painted the same color as the bottom. The bottom base of the card will be painted with the Waverly antique wax.

I added a touch of the antique wax to the bottom of the card and to the hang tag.

I used the hot glue to attach some strips of a green ribbon here and there.

Once I had the green ribbon glued in place I then started glueing on the buttons.

I glued one layer of the buttons in place and then I started adding the second layer.

I used a stamper on the hang tag and then glued the hang tag onto the card.

This was so easy to make and will make a fun and unique decoration. You can find the wooden items that I used on my Amazon store front by clicking the link down below.