I’ve been seeing people make some bunny baskets out of Dollar Tree plastic bowls. I thought I would give it a try and change it up just a bit.

This will be very simple to make and I have the supplies that I’ll be using listed down below.

1. Bunny ears head band and tail set from Walmart

2. Two large plastic bowls from the Dollar Tree

3. Two medium plastic bowls from the Dollar Tree

4. Hot glue

5. Glue dots ( optional)

6. Scissors

7. Aged Copper colored spray paint by Rust-oleum

The first step is to spray paint all 4 bowls.

The next step is to cut the clip off of the bunny tail.

You’ll want to cut both ears on the head band. Be sure to cut the ear and plastic head band together.

Once you have both ears cut you’ll then glue them to one of the medium bowls as shown in photo down below.

Place some hot glue at the bottom of the ear and place them onto the bowl.

Once you have the ears glued in place you’ll then glue the tail onto one of the large bowls.

You’ll place the two large bowl together but do not glue them together. Once you have the two large bowls together you’ll then glue the medium bowl on top.

Add a little hot glue to the rim of the second medium bowl and place it on top of the first medium bowl.

Add some straw and some goodies to the inside of the bottom large bowl.

I added just a few glue dots to the bottom bowl to hold the bowls together.

You can add some ribbons and hang tag around the neck.

This was so quick and easy to make. I love how this turned out and it’s such a fun way to give an Easter gift.