I recently bought an amazing old antique cabinet from an antique store near my home called Dawsonville Antiques. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for our Fall and Halloween room at our warehouse. This cabinet has an orange inside which makes it so fun for our Halloween room.

I just love antique pieces especially when they have a chippy look to them. This cabinet caught my eye because of the color and the doors.

The orange color on the inside of this cabinet just adds to all of my Halloween decor.

Cabinets are always an amazing item to add to your home. You can close the doors to hide items inside or leave the doors open to decorate. I will sometimes stack my cabinets if I have a tall wall. This cabinet worked perfect for our Fall and Halloween room.

I like to move things around a lot and see what looks best.

I hope this will inspire you all to take a peek in your local antique stores and add a unique piece to your home decor.