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If you want some unique items throughout your home your going to love this Chandler wood burning tool . I love wooden signs but wanted to create my own designs and sayings so this was perfect for me. I’m going to show you a few projects I did using this chandler wood burning tool. My first project is for my laundry room. I wanted a unique box that I could keep my dryer sheets in. Your supplies you will need The chandler wood burning tool,wooden box of your choice, stencil of your choice and pliers in case you want to change out the head on the wood burning tool.

You will first need to take the stencil and place it on the box.

Once you trace the entire stencil you will remove stencil and check to make sure all pencil markings are shown

Now that your stencil is outlined onto the box it is time to take the wood burning tool and start burning over your pencil marks
I will be using the basic straight point tip


You just take the wood burning tool and put pressure over your pencil markings. It will burn your wood as you move the tool. I found this tool very easy to use.
My next project is for the front door. I wanted a unique sign to put in the center of a wreath or just to hand on the door. Your supplies you will need are the chandler wood burning tool, round circle pallet of your choice, stencil of your choice and pliers in case you would like to change out your tip on tool
I then took a pencil and traced the stencil
When you finish tracing the stencil remove the stencil to make sure all your pencil markings are showing
Take your wood burning tool and start burning over your pencil marks
Continue burning over all your pencil marks until your stencil is completely burned into your wooden pallet.
There are so many different projects you can do with this tool. Be unique and burn your own sayings or images. Below you will see some wooden spoons I did. The wooden spoons would make a great gift to take to a home party or just give a neighbor to welcome them to the neighborhood. Maybe you can give a casserole with an engraved wooden spoon.
Another cute idea is to make your own hang tags or banners. Just find some wooden tags or circles and get creative.
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