The Christmas decorations are all out and they are getting bought up. . There are certain Christmas decorations that I always pick up for Valentine’s Day decorations.

I always like to pick up red, white and even silver ball ornaments. These will work great on my all year long trees for Valentine’s Day and even for Fourth of July.

We’re always getting creative here at The Shabby Tree so I always look for bead garlands and tinsel.

Tinsel is always a great craft item to buy at Christmas time. I will usually buy tinsel in all colors when it’s out for Christmas.

You can find so many great ribbons in with the Christmas decorations right now. The red and white ribbons will be great for Valentine’s Day.

Bottle brush trees in all sizes and colors are always a great item to buy. You can mix silver, red, white, pink and gold bottle brush trees in with your Valentine decorations.

These small pink tree ornaments would be perfect on a Valentine’s Day tree.

You can find so many different Christmas garlands that can be used for Valentine’s Day decoration. I always like to keep an eye out for red and white Christmas decorations that we can use as craft items. You can use so many items as a craft item to create some fun and unique Valentine’s Day decorations.

All red berry decorations can be used for Valentine’s Day.

It always seems hard to find lights for a tree after Christmas so I always tell everyone e stock up on string lights at Christmas time.

You can also find some great all year long trees that can be used for a Valentine’s Day tree. The items that I showed in this blog are all in Walmart but these are items to look for in any store that you might be in. I wanted to share this because you’ll find some great items at great prices when the Christmas decorations go on sale. You’ll see me use a lot of these items when we start decorating for Valentine’s Day.