Christmas in July is here! If you’ve been with the Shabby Tree for a while now, you know that we go big for Christmas in July! This month is filled with gifts, Christmas cheer, and most importantly Christmas crafts! Let’s get into what my top picks for this year’s Christmas gifts that I just love!




Day #1: Camping Hammock, Super Lightweight Portable Parachute Hammock with Two Tree Straps Single or Double Nylon Travel Tree Hammocks for Camping Backpacking Hiking – $12.99 – Amazon










This one is a great gift for the person in your life who loves to go out and explore the great outdoors! This little hammock is so compact and can be thrown in a backpack!








Day #2: The Original Hotpop Microwave Popcorn Popper – Silicone Bowl, BPA-Free & Dishwasher Safe, Red – $13.99 – Amazon










Have a movie lover you are trying to buy for? This little microwavable popcorn popper is so fun! It is compact for easy storing and makes way better popcorn than the little prepackaged bags!








Day #3: USAOPOLY TAPPLE® Word Game – $18.99 – Amazon

This game is so much fun for the whole family! I played this live and we had so much fun! You get a category and everyone goes in a circle trying to think of a word that starts in that category. You push down the first letter of that word so your options start thinning out pretty quick!


Day #4: 16 oz Sublimation Beer Can Shaped Glass Cups and Straws Set – $19.99 – Amazon

Iced Coffee has been the trend for a while now and these glass libby cans are so popular! They come in a set of 4 with 4 glass straws and a straw cleaner! I looked at several different designs, but I just loved the smiley faces on these!


Day #5: Car Cup Holder Expander – $19.99 – Amazon







It’s no secret that there is a new cup trending every other day and not all of them are compatible with a car’s cup holder. This little guy is here to help! It will make sure that any cup is secure whether you are using a little cup or a massive one!






Day #6: Travel Jewelry Organizer Case – $21.99 – Amazon



If you are buying for someone like me, they can’t go anywhere without the essential jewelry pieces! It can be so tricky to store them and keep them safe. I love this little jewelry holder! There is a space for anything you could think of! It is so compact!





Day #7: Orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer – $23.99 – Amazon

Know someone who is always cold? This rechargeable hand warmer brings the heat! It has a led light and warms up so quick! This is the perfect gift to get your chilly friend through the winter months! 


Day #8: EverFoams Womens Slip On Home Slippers – $23.99 – Amazon

Now I know slippers are a typical Christmas gift, but these slippers are incredible! They are so soft, have great support, and I love that they are closed-back! There are a bunch of color options. Whoever you give these to will absolutely love them!


Day #9: The Original MakeUp Eraser, 7-Day Set – $24 – Amazon

I see these makeup erasers all the time! I did some digging and I found this set of 7. This would make the perfect gift for the woman in your life! Any age could get some use out of these! It removes all makeup with just water!


Day #10: Magnetic Tiles Kids Toys – $24.99

Kids are always on phones, tablets, or watching tv nowadays. This is a great gift to get a kid in your life off their devices and build something! I love finding ways to help kids get creative! They can make so many things with the child-friendly magnetic tiles!


Day #11: Premium Bathtub Tray Caddy – $25.99

If you know someone who loves a little selfcare, this is the gift for them. This bathtub caddy is the perfect way to soak and unwind. It has the perfect spot for your book or tablet, a place to hold you drink and whatever other essentials you need!


Day #12: Drunk Elephant – $29.99 – Ulta


I feel like anytime you hear about skincare, you hear about Drunk Elephant! This is a travel size duo for the skincare guru in your life! I personally tried this and absolutely love it! It makes my skin feel rejuvenated!


Day #13: Label Maker Machine with Tape – $29.99 – Amazon


I added this to the list because we have one of these floating around the office here and it is so handy! You can order different color labels. I could see this making a great gift for a teacher or a mom that homeschools. 


Day #14: Fuzzy Sherpa Wearable Fleece Blanket with Pockets for Adults – $31.99 – Amazon

This is a twist on the typical fleece blanket gift! This is a fleece wrap that has pockets! Someone on your Christmas list will love this! I showed this around the warehouse to the girls and they loved it! They loved how soft it was and in typical girl-fashion, they loved that it had pockets!


Day #15: STANLEY All Day Slim Bottle 34 OZ – $40 – Amazon

Everyone loves Stanleys here and they make a great gift, but Hope was in Target and found this different style! This is great because you can add ice and it makes it easier to clean. It is slimmer and is great for just throwing in your bag and going!


Day #16: THE COMFY Dream – $44.99 – Amazon


Speaking of Hope, she decided to jump in on the Christmas fun here! This comfy is such a fun lazy day gift! It’s the perfect way to stay warm while walking around the house! This is super soft and machine washable! They have so many colors and they even partnered with different brands and teams! 


Day #17: Carry on Garment Bag for Travel – $45.99 – Amazon


This is a great gift for the person who is always on the go! It’s a little duffel bag that allows you to store clothes that need to be hung in the lining! There are a ton of storage spots for everything else and it saves so much space! The little shoe spot is perfect for keeping your shoes off the rest of your essentials! 


Day #18: LEGO Icons Flower Bouquet Building Decoration Set – $47.99 – Amazon


LEGOs used to be just for kids, but they have so many beautiful floral arrangements that can add a little bit of fun to the space that it is added to! 


Day #19: Solo Stove Cinder Tabletop Fire Pit for Indoor or Outdoor Use – $54.99 – Amazon


This is a great gift to give to a family you know! This allows them to have s’mores nights without having to go out and without the smell of smoke! It is compact and stores away easily!


Day #20: Sephora’s Perfume Sampler with a Redeemable Voucher – $90 – Kohl’s

I gave these to all the girls here one year and it is great because they can try out the different perfumes and then they can take the voucher and redeem it for a bottle of their favorite! This is great for young women who are trying to find what they like or even older women who are wanting to try something new!


Day #21: RIDGE wallets for men – The Ultimate RFID Wallet for Modern Dads – $95 – Amazon

This is the perfect gift for the man in your life! This wallet is super slim and can withstand the everyday tossing around that most men’s wallets have to put up with! 


Day #22: Fujifilm Instax Mini Link 2 Smartphone Printer – $99 – Amazon


I could see teen girls loving this! This is perfect gift for them to be able to take photos from their phone and print them out for their room!


Day #23: Amazon Kindle – $99.99 – Amazon

Kindle has been around for a while, but they really are making a comeback. The younger generation is having a great time reading and finding different ways to decorate their Kindle! 


Day #24: JA300 Jump Starter with Air Compressor – $114.95 – Amazon

This is the perfect gift for anybody who has a car! You can jump start your car and it doubles as an air compressor!


Day #25: Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 – $175.95 – Amazon

This is the perfect gift for the busy coffee lover in your life. Sometimes they get pulled away to do something and by the time they get back to their coffee it is cold. This Ember Coffee mug is perfect for keeping your coffee warm! 


Grand Finale: Apple Airpods Pro – $199


LAST but definitely not least are the Apple Airpods Pros! These have incredible noise canceling technology that could make a great gift for anybody in your life, especially if you have a college student to buy for!



I hope that this list gives you some ideas and helps make your Christmas shopping a little bit easier!