I love lace and doilies but I like them to look grungy. There is a simple way to grunge things using instant coffee.

The supplies you will need are:

1.Instant coffee

2. Water

3. Bowl

4. Rubber gloves

5. Measuring cup

6. Material

I am using 10 cups of water and a half cup of instant coffee. I mix them together in a bowl. It is best if you use warm water when mixing because it helps to dissolve the coffee better.




Dip your material into the coffee and then ring it out. I just dip and ring. My coffee is strong so the material does not need to soak.

I then like to hang my material out in the sun which allows it to get a darker burned look. If it is not nice outside to hang your material I will put some old towels in the dryer with the material to dry it. I love how my lace and doilies will get that old look plus an amazing coffee smell.

This is such an easy way to transform your material. Below are a few projects I’ve done using coffee stained material.