I like to display a variety of flowers throughout my home. One of my favorite flowers is the hydrangea. I like to dry my hydrangeas and use them in my home all year long. I also use a lot of greenery and other seasonal artificial flowers. I know a vase is what most people will use for their flowers but their are so many other items you can use.

One of my favorite items to use for flowers are old silver items. I find most of my silver items from local thrift stores.

I like to mix my silver, cream and glass items together throughout my home. A cream pitcher is always a great item for displaying flowers in your home.

I have some Rae Dunn items that make great flower containers.

Another item I love for flowers are old buckets of all kinds.

I keep this filled with dried hydrangeas . It is in my kitchen going out our back door.

I always tell everyone to plant a hydrangea in their yard. Cut and dried hydrangeas make the best flowers for decorating in your home.

Crocks of all sizes make great flower containers.

I also like to use my trees that I keep up all year long for displaying flowers. You can turn a tree into a flower arrangement.

I love adding dried hydrangeas to my trees. It makes a great filler for my all year long trees.

All old boxes and crates can make an amazing flower container.

A canning jar can be painted or decoupaged to make a unique flower container.

You can be real creative and turn a cloth bag into a flower container. I use all types of cloth bags to create a unique way to display my artificial flowers.

You can use old feed sacks to small burlap bags.

You can get creative and cover a coffee can with fabric.

I have used an umbrella to hold artificial flowers for spring.

You can use a styrofoam head form to display artificial succulents.

I like to add flowers to my dough bowls throughout the seasons.

You can turn almost anything into a flower container.



For the summer I have turned lamps and colanders into flower containers.

You can get real creative with cement and make some fun and unique flower containers for your yard.

I hope that this blog post will inspire you all to look around your home and find some unique containers to display your flowers in.