I have not been out shopping too much lately but I did take a trip to Target over the weekend. We all know that Target is an amazing store but did you know that they have a lot of craft items? I bought a few things that we will be using here at The Shabby Tree but I also took a bunch of photos so you can all see the large amount of craft items that they have!!

You all know that I love using message boards. They have a few that can be changed up or just used as they are.

They also have a variety of garlands. You can use these garlands as is or you can make them unique and add to them.

They have a variety of napkins that can be used for all types of crafts.

You can find colored paper straws which we have used for a few of our DIY’s.

I bought paper crowns because I know I can create some fun decor with them.

They carry a variety of ribbon, string and twine.

Tissue paper and balloons are must haves for my craft supplies.

They have a large selection of markers, paints and canvas.

You can find a large selection of glues, scissors and cricut items.

I also picked up a few pearl necklaces, paper flowers and other decorations.

You will find a large selection of glitter and other items.

I wanted to share this with you because I shop Target and I never realized how many craft items they have until today. I thought the prices were good and I found a few items that are going to be great for some of our upcoming DIY’s!!